3 Day Intro Paragliding Course $600

All Training is undertaken within a HGFA approved and insured Flight Training Facility.

Many schools require students to commit to a full course and make themselves available for the fixed dates of the course and some paragliding schools even expect their students to buy a package deal of all the needed flying equipment.

The concept of our 3 day intro paragliding course is for people to be able to come out and experience in real life what it is like to learn to paraglide before committing to spending the time and money required to take up the sport. Watching nicely edited YouTube clips or carefully written txt will never give you the real life experience to base your decision if the sport of paragliding is for you.

We have optioned for 3 days as an intro paragliding course because we found trying to squeeze in getting students up to getting their feet off the ground in 2 days was just pushing many students faster than what they were comfortable with. If needed we often even throw in a fourth day for free so that the student get  the opportunity to have a real life experience before having to commit to further course fees.

The 3 day intro course is the first 3 days of the full learn to paraglide course and the cost of it comes off the cost of the full course. So if at the end of the 3 day intro you have caught the bug of paragliding you can just continue with the rest of the full course without any extra expense to the full course.

During the beginning part of learning to fly getting one on one time with the instructor is very important. It’s called the handover of responsibility wedge. During the first part of learning to fly it is all instructor telling you exactly what to do and as the student acquires the skills the instructor removes the amount of instruction till eventually the student has become competent at all skills without any instruction, only then is the student ready to be issued with a license.

At SEQ Paragliding making sure that you will get lots of personal time with the instructor during the 3 day intro is a priority. We don’t have set dates where a large number of students get pushed in to a course at the same time and pumped out like a factory production line. You can start at any time that suits you. Just book in a date and pay the $600 course fees to secure your spot and ensure that we don’t take lots of other booking on your chosen dates.

What you can expect during the 3 day intro. Everyone learns at a different speed so some people will progress further down the course line than others but most people will develop an understanding of the equipment though both practical use as well as some theory, there will be lots of flying the glider like a kite while having your feet firmly on the ground, you can expect to fly dual with an instructor in the tandem glider where you get your hands on the controls and fly the glider, most people will get their feet of the ground as pilot in command in the solo glider by the end of the 3 day intro.

The course fees include the use of our school paragliding equipment.


"Had the best time while doing 3 day intro. Had such an epic amazing life changing experience, while feeling very safe with Shane with his huge wealth of knowledge and experience in Paragliding. Can not wait to continue on with my training in the near future :)

Celia Bookless


"To the point, professional instruction provided by Shane at SEQ paragliding. He really goes the extra mile to make the most of conditions and give students the best experience and most airtime possible, while always being conscious of safety. A great introduction to the sport!"

Elissa Jack

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