Learn to Paragliding course $2100 including a $400 discount voucher off RPP on glider and harness combo.

It is easier than you think to become a paraglider pilot. Most people can attain a paragliding license within 10 training days. All Training is undertaken within a SAFA approved and insured Flight Training Facility.

At SEQ Paragliding we don’t have fixed dates for our learn to paraglide course. We have a continual flow of students though the paragliding school all year round. This keeps with our mantra of personalised instruction instead of large groups in factory style teaching. You won’t be standing around waiting for it to be your turn because everyone was forced to train all at once in a large group on a fixed course dates. Most students also appreciate being able to train when their available ie shift workers that have irregular days off.

We supply all the equipment used during the training course and pride ourselves on only having latest generation gliders with low hours for school use making it much easier for student to learn and progress and to maintain a high level of safety and peace of mind for the student.

On the Sunshine Coast we have access to a large number of training sites from coastal to inland to recreational air fields for tow training this allows us to train safely in a wider range of weather conditions and gives the student a wider range of skills to prepare them for a life time of fun flying.

Our course fees are broken in to 2 payments : $600 for the first 3 days then a further $1500 on day 4 to complete the course. The learn to paraglide course comes with a $400 discount voucher off RPP on a glider and harness combo. Everyone learns at a different speed and every course has different weather so some people will progress faster down the course line than others. Most people will become competent in all necessary skills within 10 days of training but some can take longer. Students that require a bit extra training will receive this free of charge. Students that require exceptionally extended amount of training will be charged an extra $150 per day for training.Course fees include the cost of issuing a student license and supply of all training equipment.

Having a continual flow of students training all the time means we are out at the flying sites nearly every day that it is flyable. This is an incredibility important asset to pilots that have progressed through our school as it means we are there to provide the support with weather advise, progression on flying skills, site choice for current weather and general safety and guidance or just a bit of a helping hand if they haven’t flown in a while and are a bit rusty.

" SEQ Paragliding is a professionally run business. Shane goes the extra mile to ensure the wellbeing and safety of his students. He has been in the sport for 21 years and "knows his stuff" Thanks for your instruction and patience Shane in getting me through to my novice licence. Recommend SEQ Paragliding to anyone wanting to explore the sport. "

Peter Hullick

" Training with Shane was a great experience, he has a wealth of knowledge and, is very safety conscious, fits in with your time table of availability, Shane's give you a lot of one on one tuition which is great, to help progress quickly, and also gives help and assistance after qualifying. Thoroughly recommend him as an instructor. "

Dominic Simon Colvile

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