Icepeak EVOX

Price: $6,600 (subject to exchange rates)

Certification: CCC

Challenge the status quo

More speed, more maneuverability and more performance in the most competitive version of the Icepeak to date. Its complex construction combined with the latest technological advances and the best materials elevate its performance to a level of excellence. A wing designed to change the rules of the game.

Competitive spirit

Feel the excitement of high-level competition with a top performance wing made to meet the most demanding expectations of top-level pilots. An extraordinary flying experience at the highest level to make the difference at the most decisive moments.

The best feeling

Intuitive handling when flying at high speeds. Effective controls, vast speed range and maximum stability are combined in a modern and revolutionary design that makes its complexity completely accessible. A wing that offers much and demands little.

Niviuk in its soul

The name Icepeak Evox stands for achievement, experience and passion. This wing is Niviuk in its purest form. A glider without precedent, it is the result of years of research by our R & D team. We aimed to make sure that every detail reaches the maximum of its possibilities.

The time has come to change things. The Icepeak Evox is the result of years of research by our R & D team, who applied the most advanced technologies to achieve a complex structure, combined with the best features to achieve excellence in flight.

The optimisation of the 3DL and 3DP technologies results in an innovative wing with a solid finish, without creases and perfectly tensioned, and thus improving both performance and durability. In addition, the Nitinol rods reinforcement gives to the profile an optimal shape and avoids deformations even after incorrect packing.

It is a perfectly solid and balanced glider which proves its mettle in both strong and calm conditions. Its thermal performance is outstanding - entering efficiently and climbing with extreme ease. In addition, the leading edge was optimised to achieve a perfect finish, allowing improved airflow and increasing performance in all facets of flight.

In the handling the wing is very communicative, which means precise and accessible piloting. Improvements in the DRS system significantly reduce drag at the trailing edge, optimising turns and making it more effective in flight. Therefore, the wing has excellent maneuverability, range of movement and greater precision without losing accessibility.

The application of ergonomic controls allows intuitive and efficient B-riser steering, allowing better piloting in high speed conditions, without much drag. At the same time, a considerable improvement in the STE system means the profile remains more consistent, perfectly maintaining its stability and making the recovery of the trailing edge after braking more progressive, quicker and active.

Its stability in pitch and roll is a benchmark, using the air mass perfectly to create the energy to recover and push forward. Internal pressure optimisation achieves better turbulence absorption, greater profile consistency across the speed range and excellent slow-flying characteristics. It also allows the pilot to extend the braking limit for more control and stability.

In short, the Icepeak Evox is Niviuk at its maximum potential. The constant search for perfection has resulted in a structurally complex wing, offering the best performance in flight with more speed, more versatility and more competitiveness. A glider that will quickly give you confidence to focus totally on the competition. In short, a wing to challenge the status quo.


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