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Certification: EN B

Take your style to the top

Feed your imagination with a fun and perfectly balanced wing. Start creating your tricks with a highly versatile and easily manoeuvrable wing and immerse yourself into the world of acro and freestyle.

Safety to let you really fly

Thanks to its stability and easy recovery, you can progress continuously in acro with an agile and safe wing that will give you the necessary confidence to encourage you to try new manoeuvres at any time.

Learning without limits

We know that the key to learning is repeating manoeuvres again and again. The E-Gravity's internal structure is highly reinforced with materials which are as durable as they are flexible, so you can develop your technique with minimal wear.

Time for Acro

SAT, helicopter, asymmetrics, infinite tumbling… if you enjoy watching these tricks, imagine performing them. The E-Gravity is your portal into the world of acro and freestyle. An exciting world full of possibilities to feed your passion and express yourself in the air with a fun, safe and highly manoeuvrable wing, made by experts in this discipline.

Its performance makes it ideal for newcomers. It is an accessible glider, with intuitive controls and quick, direct responses. Its cleaner and more efficient profile makes it balanced in agility and safety, perfect for a wide range of manoeuvres. In addition, it has different speed ranges, allowing the pilot to move freely.

Its performance in thermals is excellent. The application of the SLE technology provides a more rigid leading edge without losing flexibility, allowing the profile to maintain the necessary mobility to practice acro in an optimal way and allowing easier collapse recovery. This achieves a lower sink rate, allowing you to fly in areas with less strong conditions.

To unleash your creativity, safety and comfort are essential. From a fast inflation for a perfect and smooth take off, the E-Gravity will delight pilots with comfortable flights. Its optimised profile and the position of its attachment points, mean excellent roll and pitch stability.

In addition, a smoother stall point will allow you to play and try new manoeuvres with unequalled ease. In short, the E-Gravity is a perfect glider for those who want to take their first steps in the world of acro and freestyle. A wing that always lends itself to fun, ensuring complete safety and comfort.

It's time to unleash your creativity. It's time for acro!

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