F-Gravity 2

Price: $3,850 (subject to exchange rates)

Certification: EN 926-1

Grace, stylishness and dynamism

Niviuk and Freestyle, two words together that sound like music to the ears of acro enthusiasts. Together they offer a glider with comfort and versatility.

Developed for your progress

The F-Gravity 2 is ideal for the intermediate pilots who want to progress in acro. The new more compact wing brings energy and reliability to your flying. Thanks to its design this wing will help you to grow in the acro discipline.

A world of possibilities

Meet all the secrets of the great masters at your own. Train and practice until you dominate the technique. And if you want to go beyond, the F-Gravity 2 will fly with you wherever your imagination leads.

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located on the Sunshine Coast
Next to Brisbane

104 Nambour-Mapelton Rd
Nambour, QLD, 4560

Dealer and Importer

 Niviuk PAP Team HsCom
Woody Valley Charly ICOM
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