N-Gravity 5

Price: $4,150 (subject to exchange rates)

Certification: EN 926-1

Time for the ultimate acro

Take your creativity to the highest level. The fifth generation of the N-Gravity is the result of our collaboration with top-level acro experts. We have applied the latest Niviuk technologies to produce an agile, dynamic wing with absolute maneuverability. On with the show… you are in control.

Unleash your imagination

The N-Gravity 5 was designed to delight the most exacting acro and freestyle enthusiasts. Maximum versatility and precision make the N-Gravity 5 the ideal glider for practising and perfecting the most spectacular maneuvers in the air.

Perfectly balanced

The wing architecture is designed for efficiency and safety so you can carry out the most daring manoeuvres while being confident in an optimum recovery. We have created an energetic and balanced wing with a better internal pressure distribution to take your creativity to the next level.

Made by pilots for pilots

The new design was made possible thanks to the collaboration with our most experienced acro pilots to make a wing as ideally tensioned as possible.


The N-Gravity has evolved into an energetic wing, which was created explicitly for those who have acro in their blood. Enjoy every moment with the maximum feeling of control to unleash all your creativity in the air.

From the first moment you will be delighted by its excellent take off behaviour, its climb rate and its incredible handling. The N-Gravity 5 is a more dynamic and accessible wing than its predecessor, reacting instantly to pilot inputs, with more precise response at any point of the brake travel, optimum pressure, absolute authority over the controls, while being less physically demanding.

Its design features reinforced seams for ideal tensioning. In this way, the wing is more durable and strong, it is also perfectly balanced, has better internal pressure distribution and improved performance and control. So, although the new N-Gravity is perfectly suited to mastering the most demanding manoeuvres, it is extremely forgiving and recovers very fast.

In short, N-Gravity 5 takes the concept of accessibility to the maximum. A precise wing, pleasant to fly and with immediate response to inputs, ready to provide the energy needed to perform the most daring maneuvers in the air. The perfect companion to take off and give the audience your best show.

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