Skin 3

Price: $3,400 (subject to exchange rates)

Certification: EN/LTF B

The next paragliding experience

Forget everything you've seen and heard about single-surface gliders. The new Skin 3 brings together the best of two worlds, and for the first time a single-surface glider offers the characteristics and flying comfort comparable to a conventional paraglider. Comfortable, stable, efficient and although it may not seem possible, single-surface.

Outstanding in any situation

Much more efficient in turbulent conditions, headwind and for flying distance. Unlike other single-surface wings, its nature does not influence its flight behavior.

Durable lightness

The wing’s revolutionary new reinforced structure makes it possible to greatly reduce the number of lines and together with the use of semi-light materials makes it light and also durable.

Guaranteed accessibility

An EN B certified wing which is responsive, efficient and stable for greater flying comfort. More fun, more speed and a lot more accessible and simple to fly.

Single-surface gliders are no longer just the preserve of extreme mountaineers. The new Skin 3 is an outstanding wing for any pilot looking for the perfect balance between accessibility/performance and lightness/durability.

The Skin 3 offers unprecedented joy when flying and with easier and more accessible controls, transmits confidence to pilots even in their learning phase (EN B). The wing features longer brake travel and greater passive safety to allow progressive and fun flying. Its maneuverability and flight efficiency will help you to realise any hike & fly or vol-biv adventure you can imagine.

In terms of the wing’s structure, the Skin 3 features a newly designed leading edge based on 3DL (3D Leading Edge). That means greater wing cohesion and it facilitates an easier and more straight forward take off, more safety due to direct reactions to input and a faster recovery in the case of a collapse. The leading edge uses SLE (Structured Leading Edge) technology, which provides extra stability to the wing throughout its profile and means it can reach higher speeds.

Once in the air, the Skin 3 proves to be so much more than a glider just for top-to-bottom flights and finally opens the possibility of flying distance with a single-surface glider. Thanks to its improved behavior in turbulent air the sail is capable of flying in windier conditions, which makes it is perfect for vol-biv flights and great adventures.

Its new internal structure combines ribs and diagonals (Skytex 32 g/m2) in order to better distribute the weight of the pilot and more optimally distribute the loads at the line attachment points. This has had a direct impact on the lineset, with 44% fewer lines in comparison to its predecessor. This significantly reduces drag and improves performance during all the phases of flight as well as greatly simplifying the process of wing preparation before the flight.

This reduction in the number of lines is also a key factor to achieving a light canopy without affecting the choice of the rest of materials and cloth. The durability of the wing was a key consideration during the design of the new Skin 3 and with this objective in mind, we used semi-light Porcher Skytex 32 g/m² fabric on the surface and Porcher Skytex 27 g/m² on the inside of the leading edge. A combination of materials that provides lightness but also ensures strength and durability.

Like all Niviuk wings, the Skin 3 incorporates Nitinol rods (TNT) to reinforce the structure and reduce the weight of the wing, in addition to providing the profile with shape memory and enormous elasticity. Alongside this, the use of 3DP technology (3D Pattern Cut) allows an ideal tensioning of the fabric, avoiding creasess and any deformation which would degrade its performance in the air.

The landing is another of Skin 3's strengths and the pilot has the option of using the new hybrid trimmer system (half trimmers, half speed-bar) that allows a greater brake travel range and a full speed retention for a safer and always controlled touch down.

In short, Skin 3 is a new world to discover. An ideal wing to accompany you in all your adventures and achieve new goals that will surely only be possible with this new generation of single-surface wings. A wing that will make you feel that it is part of you.


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