RRP: $11,200 (subject to exchange rates)

THOR130 has time after time proven it’s self as the most reliable paramotor on the market. The 21.5HP engine is from world leading paramotor engine developer and manufacturer Polini and has become known as one of the nicest motors to fly due to its smooth power delivery, extremely low vibrations and low noise emissions.

THOR130 comes with a gear reduction for increased thrust due to being able to swing a higher pitch prop, reduction of Prop Torque due to the engine rotating in opposite direction to prop, lower vibrations due to prop spinning at lower speed and lower prop noise due to the lower spinning speed of the prop. 

The centrifugal clutch has been developed for best safety during all the stages of flight, starting, take off, in-flight and landing. Standard it comes with the “Flash Starter” making the easiest motor to pull start on the market.

THOR130 comes with the new Racing frames which are stronger, more aerodynamic and lighter than the previous frames. The increased strength of PAP racing frames reduces the likelihood of the prop striking the cage due to cage flex that is more common in our competitor’s frames.

THOR130 will be the choice of pilots that just simply want the best performing and reliable paramotor possible.

Many optional extras are available please contact us to discuss your purchase.


Motor Type: 2 Stroke Monocylinder.
Cylinder: 125 cm3 ( 54 x 54 mm.)
21,5 CV / 8800 R.P.M.
Reduction gear: Mechanical in oil bath.
Transmission: Centrifugal clutch.
Start: Manual.
Cage Size: 1400 mm.
Cage Division: 5 Parts
Paramotor weight: from 24 Kg.
Fuel tank: 13,5 Liters.





Wood PropellorWood Propellor
 The propellor that comes mounted on the factory paramotor is from carbon. You can choose a wooden propellor. The cost will go down by $140.


Propellor sizePropellor size
 The size of the propeller mounted on the paramotors with the Tinox frame is 125 cm. for the 1400 mm frame. If the pilot wishes there is an option to choose a propeller of 130 cm. with which you will gain between 2 and 3 kg. of extra thrust.


Throttle PositionThrottle Position
The pilot can choose to have the accelerator located on the right or left side.

Tinox FrameTinox Frame Manufactured in Stainless Steel Completely
Tinox frame, steel in the main body and titanium in the rings. A version made of Stainless Steel entirely to make it even more rigid 


E-Prop propellorE-Prop propellor
The carbon propellor by default is Helix, if the pilot prefers he can ask for a E- Prop propellor.









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