Golden 4 ImageThe new Golden4 is the latest Gradient team development. The wing is the follow up to the most successful Gradient model row ever, the Golden row. The result is pure style. An aerodynamic design with an incomparable variety of uses.  A wing with the potential to meet the demands of all kinds of pilots.

The agility, lift, performance and speed of the Golden4 are backed up by strong passive safety. Gradient’s typical sensitive handling and immediate feedback means pilots relax and quickly start to fly in harmony with the wing.

It makes the Golden4 a truly reliable partner. Flying becomes intuitive, leaving your mind free to concentrate on making decisions about your flight.

Flying the Golden4 starts with the typical, easy take-off characteristics Gradient pilots all over the world appreciate. Application of well proved DDsystem allowed Gradient development team to prepare a very safe and stable glider with very interesting performance potential.

The Golden4 thermals with a flat turn even when flying small circles. The wing reacts immediately to weight shifting and has precise brakes for sporty handling. Well-balanced wing dynamics and a defined stall point give this intermediate glider freestyle qualities. The glider also behaves in a calm and predictable way in extreme situations, leaving you confident of your safety while you regain normal flight – no matter if it was you or turbulence that caused the trouble.