paragliding SIV course
Build Skills, Gain Confidence

SIV Course costs : $890
Prerequisites : Tow Endorsement.
Now open for expression of interest for 2018.


Course commences on the Sunday at 4pm in SEQ Paragliding training rooms located at Nambour for theory training. Practical will be at the Dam on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with Thursday and Friday as spare days for any bad weather.

SIV training is designed to help pilots develop both their confidence and their skills to fly safer in all future paragliding ventures including XC flying and Acro.
Safety while training is always our first priority so we will be utilizing boat towing to give pilots a height of more than 1500m above water. All pilots will be using inflatable PFD’s and reliable water proof radios.

We run our SIV courses during the months of June and July as the air is very stable without thermal turbulence at this time of year allowing for training all day long. Located in Queensland the day time temperatures are usually in the 20s during June and July. Operating from a large dam with 4 different launches in 4 directions gives us 360° of usable wind direction and the utilization of tow launch rather than hill launch allows for a wider range of wind strengths.

Techniques to be taught include:
- Pitch oscillations
- Asymmetric collapse
- Accelerated Asymmetric collapse
- Dynamic Asymmetric collapse
- Symmetric Full collapse
- Accelerated Symmetric collapse
- Dynamic Symmetric collapse
- Entry and exit of spiral dives
- B-line stalls
- Full stall
- Tail slide
- Pre stall- finding the stall point
- Spins
- Reserve deployment
Check out our video from last year’s SIV courses

Different pilots will progress down the list further than other pilots depending upon their own learning curve. The course is designed not just to do these manoeuvrers but to increase the pilot’s confidence in performing the manoeuvrers and the ability to be in control of their glider, this is done though repetition of each manoeuvrer before moving on to the next.

Both theory and practical training will be utilized. Theory class on the manoeuvers intended to be performed will be held the night before.  Before each tow the pilot will receive a prefight brief and visualisation of manoeuvers to be attempted and be under radio instruction during flight. A debrief using video analyses will be performed at the end of day to allow pilots to reflect upon the day’s events and mentally prepare themselves for the next day.

In 2015 we are proud to announce that Rafael is joining the SIV team. Rafael is very well known for his Instructing and flying in both Acro and XC. Having gained much experience from having taught 100s of people to fly and a decade of acro training all over the world from Brazil, NZ, Bali and 3 trips to acro hot spots in Europe like Organya where he was lucky enough to training with the world’s best pilots.


" I attended the 2014 SIV course and it was amazing! The progression of manoeuvres was logical. Simple manoeuvres first which built confidence, followed by the more intense manoeuvres which were quite exciting.
The teaching structure was first class. Evenings were spent briefing us for the next day’s flying and also analysing the day’s video footage which proved to be a valuable resource.
I personally came out of the course with a greater understanding of my wing's limits & flight characteristics. The skills and knowledge gained on this course has definitely improved my general flying. All in all it was great fun, so much so, I have signed up for a second round on my new wing. "

Joel Meulman


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