Paragliding over water from tow
No Hill, No Problem Lets Learn to Tow


Course cost : $300

Tow launching is another way to get airborne and widens your flight envelope compared to hill launching. Pilots use towing to be able to fly places where there isn’t a hill launch aviable. Many schools also utilize towing for training purposes from towing up of students learning to fly, towing behind a boat for SIV/Acro training and towing in the flatlands for teaching low airtime pilots to thermal.

The purpose of the Tow endorsement course is to both teach pilots all the skills and knowledge needed to tow safely and to gain a HGFA Tow Endorsement which a legal requirement to tow paragliders in Australia.

All towing is conducted in compliance with the HGFA Towing Procedures Manual this can be download from the HGFA website under Resource/links tab on the left side.

During the course we will supply all towing equipment including tow bridles, weak link material, tow rings and of course the winch. We have both a payout winch and a static pull in winch with a reflex pulley.


"It was one of the most refreshingly clear and purposefully instructed days I've had in a long time. As an ex-military bloke, I know a thing or two about instruction in dangerous/extreme environments. You were outstanding at controlling the group, and managing different student degrees of competence and nerve. Great fun, great learning, and I'm keen to do a lot more."

Jan De Voc


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