Our paragliding flight training school is based upon the majestic Sunshine Coast one hour drive north of Brisbane. It the best place to take flying lessons for paragliding in South East Queensland as there isn’t any paragliding schools in Brisbane.

All Training is undertaken within a SAFA approved and insured Flight Training Facility.

SEQ Paragliding will cover all your needs from beginner learn how to fly having never touched a paraglider right through to advanced paragliding flight skills.

SEQ Paragliding offers a number of courses:
     3 Day intro to paragliding.
     Full learn to fly a paraglide course.
     Learn to thermal course include tow endorsement course.
     Refresher paragliding courses.
     Tow Endorsement course.
     SIV training course.

Everyone is an individual so everyone learns at a different pace. It is dangerous for students to be progressing to the next step when they have not fully accomplished the previous step. One of the biggest advantages of deciding to take paragliding lessons with us is that you will receive much more flexible personalised flight instruction to suite your own needs.

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Call 0417619167
located on the Sunshine Coast
Next to Brisbane

104 Nambour-Mapelton Rd
Nambour, QLD, 4560

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