Hook 4

Price: $4,300 (subject to exchange rates)

Certification: EN/LTF B

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The Hook 4 is a “B” category model, progressive and calm. It is a glider daring to go further in safely. Characterized by its ability to quickly, precisely transmit and communicate the necessary information to the pilot, it become easy to understand and instinctive to handle. The Hook 4 becomes an ally, an extension of yourself and a tool made to reach your goals with confidence

Maximum features, maximum performance

We worked on the aerodynamic profile, improved the Ram Air Intake System including the use of Nitinol material. The result is a more homogeneous wing surface with an important decrease in parasitic resistance resulting in better penetration through the air mass for a superior gliding efficiency.

Weight reduction for peace of mind

The weight of the wing was reduced by 5% when compared to the previous model due to the implementation of Nitinol in its leading edge and the optimization of the internal structure of the wing. The wing’s inertia decreases and the stability increases to bring confidence to the pilot.

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