Ikuma 2 P

Price: $5,200 (subject to exchange rates)

Certification: EN/LTF B+


Plug into the adventure

The potential and accessibility of the Ikuma 2 in a lighter version. A versatile wing to take on XC, vol-biv and hike & fly adventures and to let your ambition take you out of your comfort zone.

Every moment counts

Performance and lightness go hand in hand in the Ikuma 2 P to ensure maximum fun both on the ground and in the air.

Everything under control

The simple handling of the wing translates into total accessibility that allows you to go beyond your own limits and exploit the full potential of the wing.

Agile, comfortable and safe

More agility that enhances the pilot's comfort and gives them the confidence and security needed to gain experience flight after flight.


Ikuma 2 P Info

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 Niviuk PAP Team HsCom
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