RRP: $8,600 (subject to exchange rates)

PA125 Is a top Seller as it is extremely well priced and suited for nearly all pilots. Not too heavy, low fuel consumption, little noise and thrust which permits occasional light tandem flights. It’s the choice of many pilots for all kind of flights and adventures.

PA125 comes with a gear reduction for increased thrust to power ratio and reduction of Prop Torque due to the engine rotating in opposite direction to prop. The centrifugal clutch has been developed for best safety during all the stages of flight, starting, take off, in-flight and landing.

PA125 comes with the new Racing frames which are stronger, more aerodynamic and lighter than the previous frames. The increased strength of PAP racing frames reduces the likelihood of the prop striking the cage due to cage flex that is more common in our competitor’s frames.

Many optional extras are available please contact us to discuss your purchase.

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