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Flow Aura Reserve: The Ultimate Safety Net in the Skies


Introducing the AURA – a pinnacle of safety, designed exclusively for paragliders. Engineered with precision, the AURA ensures quick deployment, stable descent, and unparalleled reliability, making it a must-have for every paraglider pilot.

Key Features:

Pulled Down Apex Conical Design: The AURA boasts a distinctive design tailored specifically for paragliding, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency during emergency situations.

Rapid Deployment: In a crisis, every second counts. The AURA promises swift opening times, ensuring you're safely supported in the quickest time possible.

Stable Descent: Beyond just opening quickly, the AURA guarantees a stable and controlled descent, ensuring you touch down securely and with peace of mind.

High-Quality Materials: Flow has carefully selected materials that strike the perfect balance between lightness and durability. This ensures the AURA is not only easy to pack and carry but also robust and long-lasting.

Reliability at Its Core: Flow's rigorous testing and dedication to perfection mean the AURA is consistently reliable. Multiple deployments have shown consistent results, underscoring the reserve's dependability.

Sizing Options: The AURA is available in two sizes – 100 (M) and 125 (L), catering to a range of pilot needs.


Safety is paramount when you're soaring through the skies, and the Flow Aura Reserve is designed to be your ultimate safety net. With its unmatched reliability, swift deployment, and stable descent, the AURA is an essential addition to every pilot's gear. Fly with confidence, knowing that in the face of adversity, the AURA has got your back.

For detailed specifications and further information, visit Flow’s official website: Flow Aura Reserve

Flow Aura Reserve


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