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Takoo 5: The Ultimate Tandem Experience

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Takoo 5 is designed for professional tandem pilots who demand nothing short of excellence. Its robust build and performance ensure you'll never want another wing by your side. Elevate the joy of shared flights with unmatched comfort and stability, ensuring both you and your passenger relish every moment in the sky.

Key Highlights:

Featherlight Precision: Experience lighter, yet sharper handling, enhancing every flight's enjoyment. Power through the skies with its unmatched performance.

Durability Meets Design: Thanks to RSD technology, the wing boasts an optimized internal structure, increasing both its strength and lifespan. Premium materials ensure longevity without compromising on weight.

Stability in the Skies: With its revamped internal structure, both pilot and passenger can enjoy consistent stability, ensuring a tranquil journey amid the clouds.

Direct & Effortless Handling: A fine-tuned brake system offers improved turns, striking the perfect balance between high performance and ease of use.

Supreme Comfort: Enhanced pitch stability minimizes movement transmission, ensuring your passenger experiences sheer bliss during the flight.

Vibrant Longevity: Updated fabric ensures your wing retains its vibrant hue, while strategic material optimization provides both durability and lightness.

Flawless Takeoff & Landing: Enjoy smoother inflations and immediate load-taking during launch. The Takoo 5's remarkable speed retention ensures gentle and safe touch-downs.

For an in-depth look at what the Takoo 5 has to offer, visit Niviuk's official page.

Niviuk Takoo 5

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