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Tandem Paragliding Experience


Have you ever dreamt of soaring through the sky like a bird, feeling the wind beneath your wings? Imagine possessing the superpower to lift off and glide effortlessly above the world. Tandem paragliding offers this unparalleled experience! While the idea of stepping off a cliff might seem intimidating at first, tandem paragliding is both exhilarating and safe. Best of all, you don't need any prior experience to embrace the breathtaking beauty of our natural world from above.


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  • What is tandem paragliding?
    Tandem paragliding is a thrilling adventure sport that allows you to experience the sensation of flying while safely strapped to an experienced paragliding instructor. You'll be harnessed together and glide through the sky, enjoying breathtaking views.
  • Do I need any prior experience to go tandem paragliding?
    No experience is necessary! Tandem paragliding is suitable for beginners and requires no previous training or knowledge of paragliding. Our experienced instructors will handle all aspects of the flight.
  • What are the age and weight restrictions for tandem paragliding?
    Typically, participants must be at least 10 years old and weigh between 30 kg and 130 kg. It’s best to check with us for specific details.
  • What should I wear for tandem paragliding?
    Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather conditions on the day of your flight. Closed-toe shoes are recommended. We provide all necessary safety equipment, including helmets and harnesses. Please avoid wearing dresses for the flight.
  • How long is a tandem paragliding flight?
    The duration of a tandem paragliding flight varies depending on weather conditions and the specific package you choose. On average, flights can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.
  • How much time does the whole experience take?
    The duration of a tandem paragliding flight varies depending on weather conditions and the specific package you choose. On average, flights can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.
  • What should I expect during the flight?
    During your tandem paragliding experience, you can expect to enjoy breathtaking views, experience the sensation of flight, and feel the wind in your hair. Your instructor will handle all technical aspects, allowing you to relax and soak in the beauty of the surroundings. If you are up for it, we can also get the adrenaline pumping and do some aerobatic maneuvers!
  • Are tandem paragliding flights safe?
    Absolutely. Safety is our top priority. Our instructors are highly experienced and certified, and we use the latest equipment and safety protocols. Tandem paragliding is considered a safe adventure sport when conducted by trained professionals.
  • What happens if the weather is not suitable for flying on the scheduled day?
    Safety is paramount, and if weather conditions are not favorable, we will reschedule your flight to a more suitable day. We want you to have the best experience possible.
  • Can I bring a camera or GoPro during the flight?
    You are welcome to bring a camera or GoPro, but please check with your instructor before the flight to ensure it can be securely attached and is safe to use during the experience. SEQ Paragliding is not responsible for the loss of any device during the flight.
  • How do I book a tandem paragliding experience with SEQ Paragliding?
    To book your tandem paragliding adventure with us, simply visit our website or reach out to our reservation team. We'll guide you through the booking process and answer any additional questions you may have. When booking, mention your preferred dates in the comment section. Offering a range of dates facilitates the scheduling process. Since paragliding is contingent on weather conditions, we constantly check forecasts. We'll communicate with you 2-3 days prior to your chosen date to confirm. If conditions are unsuitable, we'll reschedule to the next available slot.
  • I want to buy tandem paragliding as a gift for a friend. Do I receive a gift voucher?
    Absolutely, we offer gift vouchers for tandem paragliding, making it a memorable and thoughtful gift for your friend. You can mark the experience as a gift within the booking process and will receive one of our flyers with the confirmation email, ready to print and hand over to your friend!
  • Do you offer a discount for group bookings?
    Yes, we have special discounts available for group bookings of four people and more. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about our group rates and make your group adventure even more exciting.
  • How do I get my media after the flight if I purchased the media package?
    When you've purchased the media package, you can expect to receive your captivating photos and videos a few days after your flight. Our team will ensure you get your media content as soon as possible via a secure WeTransfer link so that you can download the footage to your device and share it with the world!
  • Can I fly with my friend at the same time?
    Paragliding with friends and family is one of the most magical things – we would love to make it happen! Please let us know beforehand if you wish to take flight at the same time so that and we can make the necessary arrangements to make it happen.
  • Do you offer hotel pick-ups?
    For added convenience, we do offer pick-up services from selected hotels at the Sunshine Coast for group bookings (minimum two people). Please contact us for more information on our hotel pick-up options and to plan your seamless paragliding experience.
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