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Paragliding Adventure Trip

World Famous Tour!

Minimum of 4 Participants to Confirm Tour

Airfare Not Included

Group Rates Available for Parties of 6 or More

Special Pricing Available for Non-Flying Participants


Melbourne & Queensland, Australia - $2450


9-Day Paragliding Expedition Itinerary in Melbourne & Queensland Available Dates: December 17th - December 26th, 2023 December 30th, 2023 - January 6th, 2024 Duration: Embark on a thrilling 9-day paragliding tour across Melbourne and Queensland, combining the excitement of aerial adventures with cultural and natural explorations. Cities Visited: Melbourne: Discover the city's rich arts scene, historical charm, and gourmet delights, alongside prime paragliding spots with stunning views of Port Phillip Bay. Great Ocean Road: Travel this scenic route with opportunities for paragliding along the rugged coastline, witnessing landmarks like the Twelve Apostles. Rainbow Beach, Queensland: Experience the unique charm of Rainbow Beach, known for its distinctive colored sands and ideal paragliding conditions. Flying Days: Enjoy several days of exceptional paragliding, taking advantage of Melbourne's urban landscapes and Queensland's coastal thermals, suitable for pilots of all experience levels. Additional Activities: Sightseeing on the Great Ocean Road: A journey along this iconic route, featuring stops at famous landmarks. Exploration of Rainbow Beach: Discover the natural beauty and unique sands of this Queensland gem. Cultural Tours in Melbourne: Dive into the local culture with guided tours of markets, historic sites, and popular attractions. Accommodations: Stay in carefully selected hotels, offering comfort and convenience in each location. Included Meals: Welcome Dinner: An introduction to Australian flavors, setting the tone for the adventure ahead. Selected Specialty Meals: Explore a variety of local cuisines, reflecting the diverse culinary landscape of the regions visited. Farewell Dinner: Celebrate the end of the tour with a special meal, reminiscing about the journey's highlights. Transportation: Smooth and stress-free transport arrangements, including airport transfers, to facilitate travel between Melbourne and Queensland. Support Services: Chinese-Speaking Guides: Available throughout the tour to ensure a seamless and inclusive experience. Retrieval Services: Comprehensive support on flying days for safety and convenience. Booking Details: To express interest or secure your spot, please email or make a $500 deposit.

Krusevo, Macedonia - $2450

macedonia flag.png

Krusevo Paragliding Adventure Itinerary Available Dates: June 22nd - July 3rd, 2024 July 6th - July 17th, 2024 Duration: Join us for a 12-day paragliding experience in Krusevo, celebrated for its excellent flying conditions and hosting numerous world-class competitions. Krusevo's Flying Experience: Exceptional Flying Conditions: Krusevo is a premier destination for paragliding, boasting a high number of flyable days annually. Launch Site at 1400m: Offers an impressive 800m height advantage over the valley, ideal for cross-country flying. Scenic Beauty: Glide over a picturesque valley sprinkled with charming villages and farms, providing safe landing options. Lake Ohrid Option: On favorable days, launch from Lake Ohrid and soar 1400m above Europe's deepest lake, culminating in celebrations at waterfront restaurants. Cultural Immersion: Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Macedonian people. Savor local cuisine and explore rich cultural heritage on non-flyable days with guided tours. Adventure Inclusions: Accommodation: 12 days, 11 nights in twin-sharing rooms. Transport: Airport transfers in Skopje for convenient travel. Dining Experience: 3 breakfasts and dinners at diverse local restaurants. Guided Support: English-speaking guide for both flying activities and social engagements. Transport for Flying: Timely transport to launch sites with efficient retrieve services. Non-Flying Day Activities: Exploration and cultural experiences on days unsuitable for flying. Booking Details: To reserve your spot or for more information, please contact or paying a $500 deposit.

China - $3500

china flag.png

12-Day Paragliding Expedition Itinerary in China Available Dates: June 3rd - June 14th Duration: Embark on an exhilarating 12-day paragliding adventure in China, blending the thrill of aerial exploration with deep cultural immersion. Cities Visited: Beijing City: Delve into the historical and cultural heart of China, with opportunities to paraglide over iconic locations like the Great Wall. Chongqing City: Discover the vibrant urban landscape of Chongqing, serving as a gateway to extraordinary paragliding experiences in the region. Flying Days: Experience several days of unparalleled paragliding, soaring over the breathtaking landscapes of JingFoShang and the Yangzi River, suitable for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Additional Activities: Cultural Tours in Beijing: Engage in guided explorations of Beijing's rich heritage, including markets, historic sites, and famous landmarks. Exploration of Chongqing: Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Chongqing, with visits to local attractions and scenic spots. Accommodations: Stay in handpicked hotels, offering the perfect blend of comfort and convenience in each city. Included Meals: Welcome Dinner: A gastronomic introduction to Chinese cuisine, setting the stage for the adventure. Selected Specialty Meals: Experience the diverse culinary delights of China throughout your stay. Farewell Dinner: A special meal to celebrate the end of the tour and reminisce about its highlights. Transportation: Enjoy seamless and stress-free transportation, including airport transfers, ensuring smooth travel across China. Support Services: English-Speaking Guides: Available for the duration of the tour, providing assistance and enriching the experience. Retrieval Services: Comprehensive support during flying days for safety and optimal convenience. Booking Details: To express interest or secure your spot, please email or make a $500 deposit.

Colombia - $4500

15-Day Paragliding Adventure Itinerary in Colombia Available Dates: May 4th - May 18th May 18th - June 1st Duration: Embark on a 15-day journey through the heart of Colombia, blending extreme sports with cultural immersion. Cities Visited: Bucaramanga: Known for its stunning landscapes, perfect for paragliding enthusiasts. San Gil: A haven for adventure sports, where the thrill of flight meets rich cultural heritage. Medellín: Experience the vibrant city life and breathtaking views from above. Jericó: A picturesque town offering serene flights and a glimpse into traditional Colombian life. Flying Days: Enjoy 10 exhilarating days of paragliding. Each location offers unique landscapes and wind conditions, perfect for pilots of all skill levels. Additional Activities: Rafting: Navigate the challenging rapids, offering an adrenaline rush and a fresh perspective on Colombia’s natural beauty. Caving: Delve into the depths of Colombia's caves, a hidden world of geological wonders. Coffee Tour: A sensory journey through Colombia's coffee plantations, understanding the bean-to-cup process and the importance of coffee in Colombian culture. Cultural Stay in Barichara: Relax in the enchanting town of Barichara. Wander through cobblestone streets, admire colonial architecture, and engage with local artisans. Included Dinners: Welcome Dinner: A festive start to the adventure, where you'll meet fellow enthusiasts and taste local delicacies. Traditional Dinner: Immerse yourself in Colombian cuisine, a blend of indigenous, Spanish, and African flavors. End of Tour Celebration: A gala evening to reflect on the experiences shared and friendships made. Transport: Hassle-free airport transfers to ensure a smooth start and end to your adventure. Retrieve Service: Comprehensive retrieve services on flying days, ensuring peace of mind during your flights. Internet SIM: Stay connected with a complimentary SIM, keeping you in touch with loved ones and sharing your experiences in real time. Night Tours: Discover the nightlife in Bucaramanga, Barichara, and Medellín - a mix of traditional and contemporary, reflecting Colombia's diverse cultural tapestry. Booking Details: Anticipate confirmation of dates soon. Express interest or secure your spot by emailing or paying a $500 deposit.

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