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BF Reserve Lightweight: The Guardian of Your Skies


Safety is paramount when soaring through the skies, and the BF Reserve Lightweight parachute stands as a testament to that. Designed with simplicity, lightness, and reliability at its core, this parachute is your best bet to ensure a rapid response during airborne emergencies.

Key Features:

Simplicity and Efficiency: The BF Reserve Lightweight parachute is built with the primary goal of ensuring a rapid deployment. Its design, with a minimized number of sections and lines, ensures a swift and efficient opening when needed.

Top-of-the-Line Materials:

Fabric: Crafted from UUT rescue fabric weighing just 25 g/m, the parachute offers an optimal blend of lightness and strength.

Lines: The parachute employs Liros dyneema rescue lines in lime 1.3 and 3.2 mm variants, combined with the Edelrid HDPE cord measuring 0.7mm, ensuring durability and reliability.

Riser: For added strength, the parachute features a Liros dyneema D-pro riser measuring 5mm.

Size Variants:

Size 23: Ideal for individuals weighing between 50-95 kgs. Weighing just 0.92 kg, this parachute boasts an EN Test sink rate of 4.90 m/s at a 90 kg load.

Size 29: Designed for individuals in the weight range of 60-115 kgs. With a weight of 1.14 kg, its EN Test sink rate stands at 5.13 m/s with a 110 kg load.


No compromise should be made when it comes to safety in the air. The BF Reserve Lightweight parachute promises not only reliability but also rapid response in moments of need. It is an essential piece of equipment for those who prioritize safety during their airborne adventures.

BF Reserve Lightweight

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