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Yoti3: Where Dynamic Performance Meets Playful Handling

Building upon the legacy of the Yoti2, known for its unparalleled fun factor, the Yoti3 emerges as a reimagined masterpiece. Seamlessly blending an updated profile with a fresh riser and plan shape, the Yoti3 promises a flight experience that's not only more dynamic but also impressively stable, especially at higher speeds. And rest assured, the iconic handling that the original Yoti is celebrated for remains untouched and as exhilarating as ever.

Key Features:

Advanced Shark Nose Airfoil:

Dive into superior aerodynamic efficiency, ensuring smoother and more stable flights.
Crafted for Excellence:

Utilizing light yet durable materials, the Yoti3 is built to last, without compromising on performance.

Streamlined Design:

The reduced line layout minimizes drag, optimizing your soaring experience.

Speed & Control Combined:

With both trimmers and a speed system, the Yoti3 offers pilots unparalleled control over their flights.

Enhanced Cell Tensioning:

Experience a more dynamic flight with improved cell tensioning, ensuring the Yoti3 remains stable even at high speeds.

Playful Handling:

Engage with a glider that responds to your every move, promising an exciting and playful flight.

Elevate your flying adventures with the Yoti3, where unmatched performance meets pure, unadulterated fun.

Discover more about the Yoti3's capabilities at Flow Paragliders' official page.

Flow Yoti III

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