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Niviuk Kode P: The Ultimate Ultralight Paraglider for Hike & Fly Adventures



The Niviuk Kode P is designed for those seeking an unparalleled hike & fly experience. Its lightweight and compact design ensures effortless launches from diverse terrains. While larger sizes offer pleasant and intuitive handling, the smaller sizes cater to the more adventurous, offering the thrill of Speed Wings. With its innovative combination of materials and structure, the Kode P perfectly balances durability with minimal weight.

Key Features:

Ultralight with Double Surface:

Material & Structure: A strategic blend of materials combined with an optimized internal structure ensures the perfect balance between lightness and longevity.

Customized Handling:

Sizes 22, 24, & 26: Experience delightful and intuitive handling with these larger sizes.

Sizes 16, 18, & 20: While maintaining stability, these intermediate sizes offer a dynamic feel and additional speed.

Sizes 12 & 14: For those craving excitement, these smaller sizes provide the sensation of Speed Wings.

Versatility in Essence:

Multiple Adventures: Whether you're soaring in thermals or navigating strong winds, the Kode P ensures safety and comfort.
Hike & Fly: The wing's lightweight nature and ease of launch make it the perfect companion for hike & fly escapades.

Light as a Feather:

Compact & Light: Weighing from just 1.55 kg, the Kode P optimizes both space and weight.

Sizes 16 & 18: These sizes are made of lighter materials and have been certified with overload certification, expanding their in-flight weight range.

Efficient Flight:

Smooth Turns: The Kode P offers progressive and enjoyable turns.

Thermal Climbing: Its design ensures efficient and intuitive thermal climbing.

Precision: Expect excellent handling and precise input responses due to the wing's optimal geometry.

Refreshing Aesthetics:

New Generation Design: The Kode P's aesthetics align with Niviuk's latest generation of paragliders.

Color Options: Choose from three vibrant colors - Spicy, Acid, and Bitter.


The Niviuk Kode P stands out as an ultralight paraglider, engineered for those passionate about hike & fly adventures. Its versatility in sizes ensures that every pilot, whether seeking serene glides or thrilling speeds, finds their perfect match. The Kode P promises not only performance but also the sheer joy of flight.

For a detailed overview and specifications, visit Niviuk's official website: Niviuk Kode P.

Niviuk Kode P


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