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Choose from Our Premium Selection of Gliders

Discover a curated collection of gliders from top-tier brands, meticulously maintained and primarily used for instructional purposes. Their condition? Impeccable. Our Google Spreadsheet provides detailed insights into each glider, including its usage hours, offering transparency about its condition.

Ordering Process:

Review the Selection: Visit our Google Spreadsheet to browse the available gliders and their respective prices.

Secure Your Choice: A $1,000 deposit ensures your preferred glider is reserved. Specify your selection during the checkout process.

Finalize the Purchase: Our team will reach out shortly to complete the transaction. Should your chosen glider be unavailable, rest assured, you'll receive a full refund.

Special Offer on Harnesses:

In addition to gliders, we're offering discounted rates on previously used student harnesses. Interested? Drop us an email at for more details.

Demo Gliders


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