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Niviuk Klimber 3P: The Ultimate Mountain Companion for Experienced Pilots



The Niviuk Klimber 3P is an ultralight, high-performance paraglider designed specifically for mountain enthusiasts. For pilots who aspire to scale greater heights, cover vast distances, and tackle challenging takeoffs and landings, the Klimber 3P promises stability and efficiency, even amidst turbulent conditions. This wing is the pinnacle of Niviuk's P Series, optimized for racing and long-distance flights. Featuring the use of Nitinol, the Klimber 3P ensures compact packing, making it the perfect companion for multi-day adventures.

Key Features:

Born to Compete:

Racing Excellence: Tailored for the X-Alps, the Klimber 3P is designed with competition in mind. It leverages Niviuk's vast knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, and extensive experience to serve pilots striving for top performance in hike & fly and cross-country paragliding.

Ultralight with Enhanced Performance:

Peak 6 Design: Drawing inspiration from the design of the Peak 6, the Klimber 3P offers enhanced speed and performance.

Nitinol Reinforcements: The strategic distribution of Nitinol ensures heightened stability, retaining the wing's ultralight and compact characteristics.

Performance Boost: Optimizations in the internal structure have augmented the wing's overall performance.

Extended Brake Travel Range:

25% More Range: The brake travel has been expanded by 25% compared to its predecessor, bolstering the glider's passive safety.

Ease of Use: This enhancement makes low-speed flying more manageable and facilitates smoother takeoffs and landings under challenging conditions.

Superior Stability:

Reduced Movements: The Klimber 3P's design minimizes pitch and roll, resulting in a more stable flight.

Advanced Airfoil: Leveraging Niviuk's proprietary technologies and a new airfoil, the Klimber 3P offers enhanced stability and flight efficiency.

Optimum Efficiency:

Glide & Speed: With a superior glide ratio and a boosted top speed, the Klimber 3P epitomizes efficiency.

Maneuverability: The wing's exceptional performance in thermals is complemented by its remarkable agility in the air.


The Niviuk Klimber 3P stands as a testament to Niviuk's commitment to delivering unparalleled performance, especially for pilots with a penchant for mountain flying. Whether you're aiming for racing accomplishments or simply seeking the thrill of long-distance flights amidst mountainous terrains, the Klimber 3P promises to be a reliable companion.

For a comprehensive overview and detailed specifications, visit Niviuk's official website: Niviuk Klimber 3P.

Niviuk Klimber 3P


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