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The Spiruline Returns: A Decade of Legacy Redefined

A full decade after LittleCloud's groundbreaking miniwing revolution, the iconic Spiruline makes a triumphant return. Entirely reimagined from tip to tail, the Spiruline boasts a new plan form, cell count, airfoil, line setup, and more, while retaining the heart of the original: boundless fun and unmatched safety.

Boundless Adventures Await:

Whether you're embarking on a hike-and-fly journey, soaring on a breezy day, thermal flying, or diving into speedflying, the Spiruline promises unrivaled joy and exhilaration in every venture.

Innovative Design Elements:

New Line Setup: Ensuring effortless inflations across all conditions with its 3-row configuration.

Enhanced Airfoil: Featuring a minimized, set-back entry for optimal wing filling.

Pitch Stability: The Spiruline remains steadfastly overhead, ensuring confidence in every takeoff.

Flight Experience:

Precision handling, intuitive controls, and the Spiruline's ability to harness energy efficiently will leave you grinning after every turn. This wing offers not just one, but the collective flying experiences of its predecessors, ensuring a wide range of usability.

Performance Delivered:

Experience a stellar glide ratio, impressive upwind penetration, and all the features you need for safe, exhilarating flights.

Size Matters:

Opt for a size that aligns with your experience. While these wings are swift, a larger size promises a richer flying experience. Ideal as a secondary wing, the Spiruline's required skill level varies with wingloading, suitable even for school environments under the right supervision.

Wingloading Insights:

Around 3: Suitable for beginners and offers paraglider-like speeds.

Around 4.5: Ideal for those with prior flying experience and offers speeds faster than a typical paraglider.

Around 6 and above: Geared towards speed flying and soaring in robust conditions. Perfect for the seasoned pilot.

Choose Your Skyward Hue:

Select from a vibrant palette of red, green, orange, purple, yellow, pink, white, and blue. Note: Some shades are exclusive to specific sizes.

For an in-depth exploration of the Spiruline's features, visit Little Cloud’s official page.

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