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The Puffin: Soaring Mastery Meets LittleCloud Legacy

Introducing the Puffin, the pinnacle of LittleCloud's soaring-focused lineup. This glider emerges as a successor to the revered Baby/Mini/Super/MegaGoose series, encapsulating over a decade of our expertise in Mini-Wing design and the insights from our recent innovations in paragliding.

Inspired by Soaring Enthusiasts:

Drawing from thousands of flight hours logged by our Soaring Freaks community in the Netherlands, the TurboSoaring Range has been a beacon of joy for pilots globally. The Puffin continues this legacy, promising unmatched soaring delight.

Design Excellence:

Starting with the foundation of the Gracchio Mk2, we've made specific modifications to cater to the Puffin's higher wing-loading. Fewer cells ensure it's more harmonious and approachable, yet its advanced airfoil delivers unparalleled wind penetration and efficiency. The varied aspect ratio across sizes ensures optimal performance, accessibility, and safety.

Precision Handling:

Experience the zenith of precision combined with progressiveness. While the technical data might seem formidable for its size and wing-loading, the Puffin remains remarkably approachable, echoing our rich Mini-Wing heritage.

Tailored for Sand Adventures:

Sand Draining System: Designed to expel sand towards the tips, ensuring it's easily shed from dedicated dirt outs.

OrbitBlocks from Ronstan: These brake pulleys stand resilient against sand exposure, ensuring longevity.

True LittleCloud DNA:

Pilots can expect pitch stability, intuitive handling, and a broad brake range leading up to stall points. The Puffin boasts significant passive safety, making it as enjoyable as your adventurous spirit can handle.

Choose Your Sky Palette:

Available in vibrant shades of red, green, orange, purple, yellow, pink, white, and blue. Note: Some colors are exclusive to specific sizes.

For a comprehensive exploration of the Puffin's features and capabilities, visit Little Cloud’s official page.

Little Cloud Puffin

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