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Yoti 3 Light: Your Versatile Flight Companion

Whether you're hiking up to catch that perfect sunrise launch, soaring in strong winds, or pursuing cross-country thermal adventures, the Yoti 3 Light is equipped for it all. Weighing in at a mere 2.15kgs, this glider stands out as the most adaptable wing in our repertoire, making it an ideal companion for those always on the move. With its stable shark nose profile, expect impressive speed, stability, and the best glide in its class.

Key Features:

Advanced Shark Nose Airfoil:

Experience aerodynamic excellence, ensuring smoother and more stable flights.


Featherlight Design:

Crafted for mobility, the Yoti 3 Light is incredibly lightweight without compromising on performance.

Streamlined Structure:

With a reduced line layout, the glider offers minimal drag, enhancing your soaring experience.

Precision Control:

Equipped with both trimmers and a speed system, the Yoti 3 Light ensures pilots have utmost control during their flights.

Optimized Cell Tensioning:

Dive into dynamic flights with improved cell tensioning, guaranteeing stability even at higher speeds.

Playful Handling:

Engage with a wing that's responsive and playful, promising an exhilarating flight experience.

Stay tuned for more detailed insights on the Yoti 3 Light!

For a deeper dive into the Yoti 3 Light's features, visit Flow Paragliders' official page.

Flow Yoti III Light

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