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Niviuk Roller 2: The Ultimate Mini Wing for Speed Flying


The Niviuk Roller 2 is the epitome of speed, precision, and agility in the world of mini wings. It promises an exhilarating flight experience, combining stability with dynamic maneuverability. Whether you're an avid speed flyer or someone looking for a versatile wing, the Roller 2 is set to amaze with its performance.

Key Features:

Agility & Ease of Flight:

Lightweight Design: Weighing just 3 kg in size 14, the Roller 2 is designed for agility and energy.

Dynamic Handling: With its responsive controls, the Roller 2 offers a flight experience that is both dynamic and completely under the pilot's control.

High-Performance Flight:

Versatile Speed Range: Benefit from a broad speed spectrum, enhanced by an efficient speed-bar and trimmers.

Advanced Profile: The Roller 2 boasts a high-performance profile with minimal drag, ensuring unfettered speed without compromising stability.

Safety & Precision:

Unparalleled Stability: Prioritizing passive safety, the Roller 2 remains stable across all speeds.

Technical Excellence: Adopting specifications like aspect ratio and cell count from its predecessor, the Roller 2 ensures smooth and precise reactions to pilot inputs.

Responsive Controls:

Precise Lateral Turns: Experience unmatched precision during lateral turns, giving pilots a sense of total control.

Intuitive Handling: The Roller 2's direct and intuitive flight handling makes predicting and controlling its movements effortless.


The Niviuk Roller 2 is more than just a mini wing; it's a revolution in speed flying. Its combination of agility, high performance, and safety makes it a must-have for those seeking the thrill of speed combined with precise control. Its stability, even at high speeds, ensures that pilots can push their boundaries with confidence.

For a comprehensive overview and technical specifications, head over to Niviuk's official website: Niviuk Roller 2.

Niviuk Roller 2


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