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BFcocoon Model V2 Harness: Elevate Your Flight Experience

Key Features:

Aerodynamic Tail: Stand out with an expansive and sleek tail design.

Integrated Frontal Reserve: Safety at its finest with a built-in parachute container.

ABS System: Enjoy advanced braking performance.

Parachute Lines on Shoulders: Convenience and efficiency combined.

Unique Quick-Release Buckles: Exclusively crafted for Dyneema line.

Optimal Back Protection: Experience flights with a large inflatable protector offering complete back support.

Altitude Comfort: "Warm legs" option for altitude flights above 3,000 meters.



Standard Version (Crafted from Skytex 40d fabric):

Weight (excluding carabiner & seat-board): 1990g ± 8% depending on size.

Durable Version (Crafted from Oxford 320d fabric):

Weight (excluding carabiner & seat-board): 2290g ± 8% depending on size.

Available Colours:

Lime, Blue, Black for both versions.
Exclusive to Standard Version: White, Orange, Grey, and Red.

Integrated Cockpit Sizes:

Standard: Suitable for parachutes weighing 0.8 – 1.1 kg.
Big: Ideal for parachutes weighing 1.2 – 2 kg.



Warm Legs: $65 AUD
Seat Board: $50 AUD

Package Includes:

Electric pump with an inflatable protector
Integrated reserve container
Speed bar
Dyneema reserve parachute line (5mm, 2800 kg strength)

BFcocoon Model V2 Harness

Available on Back-Order

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