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Charly DIAMOND CROSS ST LIGHT Rescue System: The New Age of Safety in the Skies


The DIAMONDcross ST from Charly is not just another rescue system; it's a revolution in safety and technology. Combining the ease of packing of round and cruciform canopies with the controllability of Rogallo systems, it's designed for pilots who refuse to compromise on safety.

Key Features:

Optimized Aerodynamics: With a defined forward speed in a diagonal direction, the DIAMONDcross ST provides reduced sink speeds, increasing the aspect ratio. This aerodynamic advantage is accentuated by the canopy's convex sides, optimizing the airfoil profile.

Steerable Design: Unlike conventional canopies, the DIAMONDcross ST can be steered in a chosen direction, allowing pilots to avoid obstacles and pinpoint their landing locations.

Swift Deployment: Unique line lengths and canopy design ensure faster air intake during deployment, resulting in quicker opening times compared to traditional canopies.

Safety Innovations:

Twist-Proof: Even if the lines twist, the DIAMONDcross ST remains controllable.

Risk-Free Landing: The canopy's forward speed and low sink rate reduce risks during landing, including spine compression.

Stable Flight: After a short stall phase post-deployment, the DIAMONDcross transitions into a stable, swing-free forward flight.

Optimized Inner Container: Designed for a safe deployment in various conditions, ensuring a controlled and efficient opening.


Sizes & Weights: Available in four sizes, from the DC ST LIGHT 100 (1.17 kg) to the DC ST LIGHT 220 (2.25 kg).

Certifications: EN and LTF certified for peace of mind.

Load & Sink Speed: Varies by size, with sink speeds as low as 3.5 m/s for the DC ST LIGHT 220 at 160 kg.


The Charly DIAMOND CROSS ST LIGHT Rescue System is more than just a parachute; it's a testament to innovation and dedication to safety. With its unique design and safety features, it stands out as an essential piece of equipment for every pilot, ensuring that when the unexpected happens, you have the best in the business watching over you.

For detailed specifications and further information, visit Charly’s official website: Charly DIAMOND CROSS ST LIGHT

Charly Diamond Cross ST Light Rescue System


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