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BFcocoon Pizza RACE Harness: Elevate Your Hike & Fly Adventures


Super Lightweight Cocoon: Ideal for Hike & Fly and competitive pursuits.
Innovative Get-Up System on Carabiners: A unique system crafted by Bogdan 5 years ago, allowing harness connection without buckles.


Aerodynamic Excellence: Boasts a large tail design for optimal performance.

Frontal Reserve Container: Attached to head carabiners, ensuring safety.

Compact Inflatable Protector: Reducing bulk without compromising on safety.

Accessibility: A spacious trunk with easy access to the tread compartment.

Premium Materials: Crafted from the finest lightweight materials, including Porcher Skytex at just 27 grams.

Cockpit Sizes:

Small (S): Suitable for parachutes weighing 0.8 – 1.1 kg.

Medium (M): Ideal for parachutes weighing 1.1 – 1.3 kg.

Colour Choices:

Yellow, White, Lime, Blue, and Red.

Package Inclusions:

Carabiners or Softlinks
Inflatable Protector
Front Reserve Container
Speed Bar
A specially designed bag, modeled after the protector, perfect for bivouac flights.

BFcocoon Pizza Race Harness

Available on Back-Order

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