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VISSTA Open Harness: Redefining Comfort & Performance


VISSTA is crafted to be sturdy, lightweight, and exceptionally comfortable. Ideal for novice and cross-country pilots, this open harness assures an unparalleled flying experience with maximum freedom of movement.

Key Features:

Integrated Reserve Container: Safety comes first with a built-in container.

Colour-Coded Features: Easily identifiable karabiners, leg loop clips, and chest strap clips.

Semi-Lightweight & Compact: A small packed volume ensures easy portability without compromising on comfort.

Superior Back Support: The anatomically designed back protector offers optimum safety and comfort.

In-flight Adjustability: Conveniently adjust the chest centre (distance between carabiners) in flight for tailored feedback and feel.

Sizes & Specifications:

Small: For heights 155-170cm. Maximum load: 120kg. Weight: 3.6kg.
Medium: For heights 160-185cm. Maximum load: 120kg. Weight: 3.7kg.
Large: For heights 180-205cm. Maximum load: 120kg. Weight: 4.1kg.

Flow Vissta Harness


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