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Niviuk Konvers 2 Harness: Elevate Your Hike & Fly Experience


The Niviuk Konvers 2 is a meticulously designed harness tailored for adventurers passionate about hike & fly. With its emphasis on safety, comfort, and versatility, the Konvers 2 stands out as the ideal choice for pilots seeking progression in their adventures. Whether you're soaring in the skies or hiking on trails, the Konvers 2 ensures an unmatched experience.

Key Features:

Safety First: Equipped with a built-in airbag and a conveniently located container under the seat, the Konvers 2 guarantees easy and swift access to the parachute, prioritising your safety.

Reversible & Versatile: Beyond being an exceptional harness, the Konvers 2 doubles up as a backpack with a modern design, cutting-edge technology, and enhanced ergonomics for a comfortable carry.

Optimum Balance: Crafted with durable materials that are lighter and more compact than its predecessor, the Konvers 2 offers superior performance without compromising on durability.

Comfort Seating: Experience the luxury of a seat crafted with a double layer of foam, ensuring maximum comfort and protection during your flights.

Secure Closure System: The dual buckle system on the Konvers 2 ensures that you remain safe throughout your adventure.

Expanded Storage: Transition the Konvers 2 into a backpack and benefit from pockets on the back and both sides, ensuring ample space for all your essentials.

Always in Shape Airbag: The built-in Nitinol reinforcements ensure that the airbag retains its shape, providing consistent protection.

For a comprehensive understanding and further details, visit Niviuk's official website:
Niviuk Konvers 2 Harness

Niviuk Konvers 2 Karness


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