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Niviuk Makan Harness: Step Confidently into the World of Free Flight


Crafted for budding pilots, the Niviuk Makan Harness combines comfort, maneuverability, and safety to offer an ideal learning experience. Designed to seamlessly adapt to the pilot's body, the Makan Harness is all about building confidence and ensuring that the early stages of your flying journey are filled with pleasant memories.

Key Features:

Safety First: The Makan Harness prioritizes your safety by using durable materials, robust foam protection with superior impact absorption, and straightforward buckles to ensure effortless and error-free fastening.

Begin with Confidence: With its inherent stability, the Makan Harness provides an opportunity for novices to explore free flight without apprehension. Experience the joy of flight with a harness that ensures both comfort and agility, making your initial flights memorable.

Custom-Fit Comfort: The ergonomic design of the Makan Harness features foam reinforcements in the seat and backrest, ensuring maximum comfort during flights. Moreover, the adjustable straps facilitate easy and quick customization to fit the pilot's body shape, enhancing the overall flight experience.

Lightweight & Portable: Weighing just 3.7 kg for size S-M, the Makan Harness stands out as one of the lightest in its category. This lightweight design proves beneficial during the learning phase, especially when relocating between flight areas or hiking back up training hills. The reduced weight simplifies initial inflations, and its compact nature ensures easy packing and storage.

Whether you're taking the first steps in your flying journey or looking to enhance your skills, the Niviuk Makan Harness promises a comfortable and secure experience tailored to your needs.

For a deeper dive into its features and specifications, visit the official Niviuk website:
Niviuk Makan Harness

Niviuk Makan Harness

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