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Niviuk Kargo P25: Your Ultra-Compact Flying Companion!


The Niviuk Kargo P25 is more than just a bag; it's an invitation to fly anytime, anywhere. Designed for enthusiasts of lightweight equipment, this running bag ensures that you have everything you need, neatly packed and ready for your next adventure. Whether you're climbing, running, cycling, mountaineering, or flying, the Kargo P25 is the perfect companion.

Key Features:

Ready to Fly:

Carry your Skin 3 P and Roamer P harness in this ultra-compact bag. With everything in one place, you're always ready for your next flight.

Versatility at its Best:

Designed for multiple activities, the Kargo P25 is perfect for all your adventures. Its versatility ensures that you're always prepared, no matter the activity.

Packed with Features:

Waterproof: Ensures the inside stays dry, protecting against sweat and moisture.
Ergonomic Design: Shoulder straps that mold to your body, combined with adjustable front straps for optimum support.

Breathability: Uses micro-perforated fabrics for enhanced airflow, keeping you cool.
Storage Options: Comes with a front zip pocket, a large outer compartment, side mesh compartments, and even net compartments on the shoulder straps.

Helmet Storage: An outer mesh designed specifically to hold your helmet securely.
Drinktube Ready: Easily install any water bladder for hydration on the go.

Perfect Pairing with Roamer P Harness:

The Kargo P25 is designed to perfectly complement the ultralight Niviuk Roamer P harness, making it the ultimate flying package.


The Niviuk Kargo P25 redefines what it means to be ready for adventure. With its compact design packed full of features, it ensures that you have everything you need, right when you need it. Whether you're taking to the skies or embarking on a ground adventure, the Kargo P25 has got your back.

For a deeper dive into its features and to explore the product further, visit Niviuk's official website: Niviuk Kargo P25

Niviuk Kargo P25

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