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Niviuk Kargo Backpack: Carry Your Flying Adventures With Ease!


The Niviuk Kargo Backpack series is designed with pilots and adventure enthusiasts in mind. It caters to a broad range of storage needs, ensuring that whether you're embarking on a short hike, a competition, or a training session, there's a Kargo backpack tailored to fit your gear perfectly. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of carrying, letting you focus solely on the thrill of your adventure.

Key Features:

Kargo 45:

Ideal for short hikes, lightweight flying gear, or smaller wings.
Ergonomic design ensures comfort during your adventures.

Kargo 90:

Designed for the P Series wings or larger gliders of smaller sizes.
Accommodates the harness, ensuring all your gear fits neatly.

Kargo 130:

Perfect for carrying your complete flying equipment: paraglider, harness, helmet, and accessories.
Best suited for two-liners, pod harnesses, and medium to large product sizes.

Kargo 160:

Ideal for carrying all your flying gear including school wings and training harnesses.
Designed for comfort, making it easy to carry even the bulkiest of gear.

Kargo 200:

The most spacious backpack in the Kargo range.
Designed especially for competition gliders, large harnesses, and larger product sizes.

Kargo 220:

The largest in the Kargo series, offering ample space for all your flying equipment.
Perfect for competition wings, voluminous harnesses, and larger Niviuk products.


The Niviuk Kargo Backpack series is not just about storage; it's about carrying your adventures with ease. With its range of sizes, it ensures that no matter the gear, there's a Kargo backpack that fits just right. Its ergonomic design ensures that even the heaviest of loads feel light, letting you focus solely on your next big adventure.

For more detailed information and to explore the entire range, visit Niviuk's official website: Niviuk Kargo Backpacks

Niviuk Kargo Backpack


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