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Flow Rucksack: Tailored Storage for Every Pilot's Needs


The Flow Rucksack comes in multiple sizes, each meticulously designed to cater to varying equipment needs. Marrying functionality with ergonomics, these rucksacks are aimed at providing utmost comfort while ensuring optimal weight distribution. Made using a blend of durable, lightweight, and robust materials, these rucksacks are built to last without adding unnecessary weight.

Available Sizes & Their Features:

X-LARGE (170 L):

Purpose: Specifically tailored for those with competition harnesses or pilots with tandem equipment.
Features: Ample space ensures that even the bulkiest of equipment fits comfortably, making it ideal for professional pilots or tandem flights.

LARGE (130 L):

Purpose: Best suited for pilots with open harnesses and XC pod harnesses. Not recommended for dedicated competition harnesses.
Features: Generous storage capacity, ensuring that most harnesses, apart from fully dedicated competition ones, fit seamlessly.
Weight: 1073 grams.

MEDIUM (100 L):

Purpose: Crafted for those who use lightweight or hammock-style harnesses.
Features: Its design ensures that hammock-style harnesses, which are typically more compact, fit perfectly without any unnecessary space wastage.


Status: Coming soon. Stay tuned for updates on this size variant, which promises to be a game-changer for pilots who prioritize weight savings without compromising on storage space.

In Summary:

The Flow Rucksack range offers a solution for every pilot, irrespective of their harness type or equipment size. Prioritizing comfort and durability, these rucksacks are an investment in quality and functionality. Whether you're a tandem pilot, a competitive flyer, or someone who prefers lightweight harnesses, Flow has a rucksack tailored just for you.

Flow Rucksack


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