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Flow Bags: Streamlined Storage Solutions for Every Pilot

Flow Compression Bag: Ultimate Compactness Meets Dual Functionality

Primary Use: Compact storage while preserving the shape of the glider.

Dual Function: Serves as both a compression bag and a standard concertina bag.


Easy-to-fold design for hassle-free storage and transport.

8 compression clips ensure tight packing.

Dedicated riser pocket and zipper for added convenience.

Weight: 275g
Extended Length: 255cm
Compressed Dimensions: 67cm x 32cm

Flow Concertina Bag: Preserve Performance and Protect Internals

Primary Use: Maintains glider performance by protecting internal rods and leading edge shape.


Minimizes panel stretching and fabric abrasion.

Protects internal rods, ensuring the leading edge maintains its shape.

Minimalist design for easy storage and transport.
4 compression clips for secure packing.
Dedicated riser pocket for added convenience.
Weight: 290g
Length: 255cm


Flow Quick Rucksack: For The Pilot On The Go

Primary Use: Quick packing for both paramotor and paraglider wings.

Shoulder straps for easy carrying.
Accommodates all Flow gliders.
Side and top pockets for additional storage.
Weight: 765 grams

In Summary:

Flow Bags offer a range of storage solutions tailored to the needs of every pilot. Whether you prioritize compactness, protection, or quick packing, Flow has the perfect bag for you. Invest in quality and ensure your glider remains in optimal condition for every flight.


Choose Flow for streamlined storage solutions.

Flow Bag


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