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Discover the Cosmos2: Your Skyward Escape

Elevate your paragliding experience with Cosmos2, designed to let you effortlessly cruise the vast skies. Transition seamlessly from one thermal to another, all while being cocooned in exceptional passive safety. With Cosmos2, immerse yourself in the beauty of the flight, leaving all distractions behind.

Key Features:

Shark Nose Profile: Cutting-edge design ensuring optimal aerodynamic performance.

Streamlined Line Plan: Minimized drag, maximized efficiency.

Unmatched Passive Safety: Fly with peace of mind, knowing you're backed by top-tier safety features.

Superior Glide: Soar smoothly, making the most of every thermal.

Efficient Speed System: Experience the thrill of speed with a system that's intuitive and responsive.

Sweet Handling: Delight in the Cosmos2's responsive and smooth control, making every flight a joy.

For a deeper dive into the Cosmos2 experience, visit Flow Paragliders' official page.

Flow Cosmos 2


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