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Introducing the Freedom2: A Symphony of Advanced Technology & Comfort

Dive into the skies with the Freedom2, a glider that effortlessly blends state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled comfort. This masterpiece is tailored for those who demand excellence in every flight.

Key Features:

Hybrid 3-2 Line Layout: Experience minimized drag and maximized efficiency.

Rear Riser Steering: Intuitive and efficient for effortless navigation.

Advanced Shark Nose Airfoil: Elevate your aerodynamic performance.

4-Way Split A-Attachment Point VPA (Variable Pressure A-Attachment): A groundbreaking addition, enhancing structural stability and collapse resistance.

Semi-Lightweight Construction: Lightweight without compromising on durability.

Comfort: The Cornerstone of Every Flight

The true essence of a glider lies in its flight comfort. The Freedom2 stands out with its:

Pitch stability and airfoil solidity

Effortless launching and precise flare

Optimal top-end speed and glide

Subtle roll, bank in thermals, and feedback

Light speed bar pressure

Durable and lightweight canopy

Revolutionary VPA System:

Unique to Freedom2, the 4-way split A-Attachment point system, or VPA, offers:

Enhanced leading-edge stability, even at negative angles of attack.

Even pressure distribution across all attachment points at trim speed.

Quick and easy inflations during the launch phase.

Unparalleled stability and support, especially when gliding at speed in turbulent conditions.

With its sporty aura, combined with EN B safety, the Freedom2 is not just a glider; it's a promise of thrilling adventures in the skies.

For a comprehensive look at the Freedom2's capabilities, explore Flow Paragliders' official page.

Flow Freedom 2


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