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Introducing the Fusion: Where Precision Meets Comfort

Dive into a flight experience that marries the precision of a 2-line race machine with the assurance and ease of an EN C glider. The Fusion, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, promises a soaring experience that's both exhilarating and reassuring.

Key Features:

Optimised Line Configuration:

Unique risers lead to a three-line layout in the centre and a two-line layout at the tips, significantly reducing drag and enhancing performance.

Exceptional Thermic Handling:

Drawing inspiration from 2-liners, the Fusion offers impeccable thermic handling in the EN C class, letting you carve through the skies with unmatched grace.

Pitch-Stable Aerofoil:

Less susceptible to collapses and oscillations, the Fusion allows pilots to focus on the environment and make decisions without the distraction of constantly adjusting the glider.

Modern Design & Structure:

Boasting a shark nose profile, 3D panel shaping, and a detailed internal structure, the Fusion stands as a testament to modern sports class wing design.

Enhanced Speed Range:

The two-liner style risers of the Fusion let pilots effortlessly alter the angle of attack without distorting the profile. This results in a smoother flight through turbulence and optimized performance throughout the speed spectrum.

With the Fusion, glide to cloud base with ease and then race ahead with efficiency, all while relishing in the glider's responsive rear riser steering on specially designed control toggles.

Discover the myriad features and benefits of the Fusion in detail at Flow Paragliders' official page.

Flow Fusion

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