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Experience Elevated Flight with the Fusion Light

Embrace the skies with the Fusion Light, a wing that harmoniously combines the agility of lightweight materials with direct handling and stellar performance. Crafted primarily with Porcher Skytex 27g and lightweight dyneema risers, this glider offers a flight experience that's both lively and intuitive.

Key Features:

Advanced Materials:

The extensive use of Porcher Skytex 27g ensures the Fusion Light is lightweight, compact, and offers a direct, responsive feel during flight.

Enhanced Performance:

Experience an improved speed range and overall performance, making this EN C glider a standout in its class. Its performance and fun factor are truly unparalleled.

Innovative Design:

Featuring a pulley on the floating B riser, the Fusion Light achieves a genuine 2-liner feel. The hybrid 3-2 line layout operates seamlessly, delivering both harmony and efficiency.

Rear Riser Steering:

A revolutionary feature that promises significant performance gains for the EN C class. It allows pilots to confidently fly at top speeds through active thermic conditions, offering direct feedback and rapid response times. This design ensures pitch stability, maintaining solidity throughout the glide, whether you're navigating a thermic ridge run or soaring under a cloud street.

Efficient AoA Changes:

Unlike traditional designs that distort the airfoil, the Fusion Light's rear riser steering results in genuine changes in the Angle of Attack. This allows pilots to maintain top speed, converting air disturbances into lift.

Whether you're embarking on a hike & fly mission or simply searching for the perfect gliding companion, the Fusion Light stands out as an exceptional choice. It's not just our team pilots' favorite glider; it's poised to be the choice of intermediate pilots everywhere.

Discover the full potential of the Fusion Light and delve deeper into its features at Flow Paragliders' official page.

Flow Fusion Light


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