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Introducing the FLOW FUTURE: Your Ultimate Flight Companion

Dive into the world of paragliding with the FLOW FUTURE, designed for both novices finding their wings and seasoned flyers aiming for the clouds. This is not just any glider; it's a journey from the classroom to the skyline.

Unparalleled Safety Features

Superior roll, collapse, and pitch stability.

Enhanced passive safety mechanisms for peace of mind during flight.

Master the Art of Flight

The Future’s compact plan shape and balanced aspect ratio make it a breeze for beginners to pick up flying nuances.

Ideal for those embarking on their first Cross Country flights, offering a fun and playful handling that even the most discerning pilot would appreciate.

Breakthrough Performance

Discover unmatched performance in the EN A class.

Experience glide levels that rival most EN B gliders, setting the stage for those dream long-distance flights.

Innovative Design & Technology

Boasts a unique shark nose low drag airfoil, influenced by our elite 2 liners and tailored just for the Future.

Features a streamlined 3-liner line layout, coupled with the finest Liros PPSL lines, resulting in minimal drag.

Intuitive risers with magnetic brake clippers ensure ease of operation.

Crafted with cutting-edge materials and techniques, this glider is both lightweight and resilient.

Developed with Expert Insight

Collaboratively crafted with flight schools, ensuring a seamless blend of easy inflation, unmatched roll stability, and a consistent flare for landings.

Future stands out as the quintessential glider for instructing novices.

Experience the Flow Philosophy

Our aim? To design gliders that are simple to handle, instilling confidence in every pilot. With the Future, you focus on the skies, leaving all worries behind.

It's not just an academic glider; it promises a carefree, delightful flight experience every single time.

Elevate Your Adventures

The Future isn’t just a glider; it's an invitation to explore the skies. Our seasoned team of pilots can’t get enough of it, and we're thrilled to introduce what we believe will be the first choice for many budding paragliders.

With the Future, you don't just fly; you soar alongside the birds, laying the groundwork for mastering the skies.

A Glider for Seasons

Embrace a glider that grows with you. Future is designed for longevity, assisting pilots in mastering the timeless art of soaring.

For more insights and details, visit our official website: Flow Paragliders - Future.


Flow Future


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