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Mullet: Redefining Coastal Soaring with Unprecedented 3D Freedom

Step into a new era of coastal soaring with the Mullet, a glider that pushes the boundaries of flight. Its design is not just about traditional soaring; it's about adding depth, dimension, and dynamism to every movement in the air.

Elevate Your Flight Experience:

Dive, swoop, and maneuver with unparalleled precision. With the Mullet, gracefully descend and glide inches above the terrain, only to harness that kinetic energy and ascend, ready for your next exhilarating move.

Uncharted 3D Exploration:

Experience coastal soaring like never before. The Mullet opens up a 3D realm, allowing pilots to traverse the skies and landscape contours in previously unimaginable ways.
Intuitive Riser System:

Experience the full speed and power of the Mullet effortlessly. This intuitive riser system establishes a direct connection between pilot and glider, ensuring unmatched control and precision.

Unyielding Stability:

The Mullet stands firm against collapses. A simple tug on the A lines, and this wing remains steadfast, offering pilots a sense of security during audacious maneuvers, even in extreme conditions.

Durable and Refined Materials:

Crafted for durability and performance:

Skytex 38g for both the top and bottom of the canopy.
Skytex 40g Hard for the diagonals and profile, ensuring a taut and enduring structure.

With the Mullet, experience a blend of stability and thrill, embodying the essence of true flight.

Flow Mullet


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