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Introducing the Artik 6: Elevating the EN C Class to New Heights

Experience a revolution in the EN C class with the Artik 6, a culmination of Niviuk's cutting-edge technologies. Designed to offer you an unmatched flight experience, every feature of the Artik 6 is meticulously crafted to ensure you soar with precision and grace.

Safety First, Always:

We never compromise on your safety. The Artik 6 boasts enhanced damping and stability, ensuring the wing remains solid, irrespective of turbulence or flight phase. Fly confidently, knowing you're backed by unparalleled stability.

Top-Tier Flight Experience:

Engage with an agile and intuitive wing, designed for pure flying pleasure. With glide performance on par with high-performance wings, the Artik 6 promises exhilarating flights, time after time.

Non-Stop Excellence:

Enhanced Profile: The Artik 6 boasts an improved profile and a rigid, efficient leading edge, enabling faster speeds and quicker climbs in thermals compared to its predecessor.

Unrivaled Stability: As a three-liner, the Artik 6 offers balanced tension across its wingspan, resulting in pronounced stability, especially when applying big ears. Its moderate aspect ratio further contributes to its solid, compact feel in the air.
With the Artik 6, elevate every flight to an adventure, whether you're gliding through serene skies or navigating challenging thermals.

Discover the full spectrum of the Artik 6's capabilities and dive into a world of advanced features at Niviuk's official page.

Niviuk Artik 6


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