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Artik R: A Pioneering Leap into a New Era of Flight

Journey with the Artik R, where the expertise from the Artik 6 and our esteemed 2-liners, such as the racing models Peak and Klimber, converge. Introducing the Artik Race, an EN C 2-liner that effortlessly blends speed, aerodynamics, and high performance with the accessibility and passive safety of an EN C wing. Stay ahead, fly with the Artik R.

Key Features:

Peak Performance:

Experience unmatched speed with the two-liner design that minimizes drag and maximizes performance.

Soar to new heights effortlessly, thanks to an optimised profile and a solid, efficient leading edge.

Precision Handling Tailored for You:

Delight in a glider that's incredibly easy to fly.

The two-liner design with B-riser steering enhances efficiency, even at top speeds. Relish in a compact wing that offers undistorted chord control, resulting in sharper responses and elevated performance.

Smooth Glide & Stability:

Glide with a difference – smoother, better, and more efficient.
The Artik R is tailored for those ready to push boundaries, yet its dynamic nature is grounded by unwavering stability, especially in pitch.

Uncompromised Safety:

Marrying safety with accessibility, the Artik R stands as a beacon in the EN C class.
Positioned between the Artik 6 and the Peak 6, it offers a seamless progression for intermediate to advanced pilots. While its performance mirrors that of a competition wing, its moderate aspect ratio of 6.5 and Niviuk's signature technologies ensure heightened passive safety.

Join the revolution in flight with the Artik R, and redefine what's possible in the skies.

Discover the full spectrum of the Artik R's capabilities at Niviuk's official page.

Niviuk Artik R


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