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Welcome to the Next Level: Introducing the Niviuk Hook 6

Embark on exhilarating flights with the Hook 6, the ideal companion for those eager to elevate their flying experiences. Building on the stellar reputation of the Hook 5, the Hook 6 offers refined features to ensure stability, control, comfort, and unmatched performance.

Durability Meets Feather-Light Design

Experience the best of both worlds with a lightweight design weighing in at just 4 kg for size 22.

Crafted for endurance, the Hook 6 maintains peak performance flight after flight.

Supreme Comfort in the Skies

Dive into a flight experience defined by comfort and simplicity.

Enjoy enhanced roll stability and a solid feel for stress-free gliding. Embrace the skies with renewed confidence.

Progress with Every Flight

The Hook 6 is intuitive, offering unparalleled stability and safety.

Experience superior features and performance over its predecessor, making it the perfect choice for both progressing pilots and those looking to explore varied flying styles.

With improved handling, each flight becomes a memorable experience.

As a token of our commitment to excellence, every Niviuk Hook 6 wing comes with a stylish Niviuk Kargo backpack.

For a detailed exploration of the Hook 6's capabilities, visit Niviuk's official page.

Niviuk Hook 6


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