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Embark on the Ultimate Paragliding Journey with the Koyot 5

Welcome to the exhilarating realm of paragliding. For those with an innate passion for the skies and a fervor to evolve as pilots, the Koyot 5 beckons. This glider is not just equipment; it’s your trusted ally in carving out unforgettable skyward adventures. With the Koyot 5, master the skies with safety, simplicity, and thoroughness.

Intuitive Flight Experience

Perfect for intermediate enthusiasts, the Koyot 5 is your steadfast partner to foster steady progression.

Its intuitive controls and ease of handling fast-track your journey to becoming a seasoned pilot, ensuring safety remains paramount.

Innate Stability, Effortless Control

Experience a glider that naturally restores its equilibrium post maneuvers.
With its subtle brake responses and innate ability to cushion turbulence, the Koyot 5 ensures your flights are smooth and comfortable.

Hassle-Free Groundwork

Pre-flight arrangements are a breeze, courtesy of its streamlined and minimalist line set.
Safety: Our Pledge, Your Peace

At the heart of Koyot 5 lies an unwavering commitment to the pilot's safety. Imbued with Niviuk's cutting-edge technologies, it stands as a testament to high-performance coupled with passive safety measures.

Built to Last

Infused with Nitinol reinforcements on its leading edge, the Koyot 5 promises durability. From countless inflations to innumerable packings, this canopy is designed to endure.
For an all-inclusive price of $4,300, not only do you own the exceptional Koyot 5, but you also receive the stylish Niviuk Kargo backpack.

For an in-depth look into the world of the Koyot 5, head over to Niviuk's official page.

Niviuk Koyot 5


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