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Niviuk Octagon 2 Reserve: The Evolution of Safety in the Sky


Introducing the Niviuk Octagon 2 Reserve - a paragon of safety, innovation, and advanced design in emergency parachutes. Crafted in collaboration with Vital Parachutes, a trailblazer in parachute design and manufacturing, the Octagon 2 stands out with its unique octagonal design, ensuring that pilots experience unparalleled security in emergency descents.

Key Features:

Cutting-edge Octagonal Design: The hallmark of the Octagon 2 is its distinctive octagonal shape, ensuring rapid deployment and providing pilots with a controlled and stable descent.

Maximized Safety: The Octagon 2 brings together top-tier performance and the latest in parachute technology. Its design ensures minimal oscillation, reducing the pendulum effect and ensuring a safe, direct descent.

Stable Descent: With an oscillation rate between 0 to 5º, the Octagon 2 significantly reduces the typical pendulum effect seen in other parachutes. This ensures a direct and stable descent, minimizing the risks associated with emergency landings.

Lightweight and Compact: Despite its advanced features, the Octagon 2 is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making it a convenient addition to a pilot's gear.

Size Variants for All Needs: The Octagon 2 is available in six sizes, catering to a wide range of weight requirements:

80 (S), 100 (M), 120 (L), 140 (XL), 170 (XXL), and 215 (tandem).


The Niviuk Octagon 2 Reserve represents a significant leap forward in emergency parachute technology. Its unique design, combined with its focus on safety and stability, makes it an indispensable piece of equipment for pilots who prioritize their security in the air. Whether you're an experienced pilot or just starting your flying journey, the Octagon 2 ensures that you're always in safe hands.

For a detailed look into the Octagon 2's specifications and features, visit:

Niviuk's Official Website

Niviuk Octagon 2 Reserve


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