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Peak 6: Soar Beyond Boundaries

Discover the thrill of limitless flight with the Peak 6. Designed for seasoned pilots and competition enthusiasts, this two-liner glider promises unparalleled performance, ensuring every flight is both a journey and a triumph.

Exhilarating Flight Experience:

Drawing inspiration from its predecessor, the Peak 6 offers an astonishing blend of ease and agility, fitting for its classification.

The redefined incidence of the B risers ensures precise, responsive control, enhancing glide, efficiency, and in-flight comfort.

Unyielding Confidence Across Speeds:

Safety is paramount, especially in high-performance wings. With the Peak 6, experience unwavering stability across its speed range, allowing you to focus solely on the joy of flight.

Peak Performance Realized:

Embark on faster journeys as the Peak 6 achieves higher top speeds.

Its innovative profile harnesses air movements, scaling air masses and leveraging inertia to augment glide and overall performance.

Efficiency Meets Mastery:

The Peak 6 excels in thermal entry, soaring effortlessly to greater heights.
Enjoy absolute pitch and roll stability, even at maximum speeds. The glider's feedback allows pilots to intuitively harness updrafts for more efficient glides.

With the Peak 6, every flight becomes an opportunity to push boundaries and redefine excellence.

Explore the detailed features and capabilities of the Peak 6 on Niviuk's official website.

Niviuk Peak 6

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